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Terms and Conditions


TigerPromo earns expertise in serving customized promotional products to brands across the globe. The wide range of products include bags, beverage, drinkware, auto, tech, pens, and many more. At TigerPromo, we thrive to build best quality custom products whilst delivering unbiased and flawless service at the lowest possible prices. While as a team we are committed to serving you with world-class custom products and services, there are indeed certain limitations related to the technology used and products catered, which we would like to share with you. Having said this, the document is drafted to acknowledge you about every minute detail related to the industry.

With the change in manufacturer’s cost, the product prices may differentiate without any prior notice


Guidelines for submitting your artwork

Your imprint instruction should immediately follow your order. However, if under any circumstances you share that a little late, DO NOT FORGET to add your name and order number in the subject line. In failure to do the same on time, team TigerPromo shall not be held responsible for any delay caused due to this.

To ensure flawless execution and timely delivery, you’ll have to submit high-resolution images in ready to print condition. In case you do not provide ‘camera ready’high-resolution images, we won’t be responsible for poor printing.

Despite the fact that we do try to do final touching and improve the quality of your artwork, however, doing the same will consume time and eventually delay the process. Having said this, we always recommend you to share flawless final files with us. Team TigerPromo holds the rights to reject any artwork if we find it offensive, inappropriate, trademarked, or copyrighted.

How to upload artwork using our design tool

To ensure a seamless ordering process, we have our unique process to share your artwork with us. It’s easy and takes a few steps to complete. Here you can also have a sneak into how your end product will look like. However, being a digital proof, team TigerPromo does not certify its 100% resemblance to the final product.

The tool is primarily designed to provide you ease in uploading and customizing your order. Using it you can ensure that your logo/message is placed properly. Once you are sure about every crucial detail, you can save and submit your artwork.

Accepted Formats

  • Black and White high-resolution images
  • Four-color process and continuous-tone images with 300 dpi at actual size.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to accept Greek letters as artwork files, as these are licensed artwork.
  • All fonts (printer and screen) must be included with your file or all text should be converted to outlines or curves.
  • Software Applications Files saved in any of the following applications are acceptable: (pc compatible format)
  • Photoshop version CS and below
  • Freehand version MX and below
  • Illustrator version CS and below
  • Vector art (eps, ai, fh, 10, cdr, ps,)
  • Rasterize image, .tif, jpeg 300 dpi,

Printing instructions

Team TigerPromo shall not be held responsible for a mistake caused due to any information that you missed sharing with us. To ensure that we receive all the required information, it is important that you share the same either through one mail or in a single upload.

Having said this, sending us logo in one mail and text or any other detail in another, won’t make us liable for any mistake.

Imprint colors

Special consideration should be given to the colors you chose for your imprints. The experts at TigerPromo recommend you to maintain the contrast in order to ensure better results. For example, printing a dark color logo on a light background and vice versa can give better results. However, we understand that you have certain notions in mind which may make you choose any color or design format, hence, we won’t impulse or judge you on the basis of your choice and hence will not be responsible for any mistake related to appearance or visibility.

Imprint Size

Because of "limited" printing area (depending on the product you choose), we maintain whatever authority is needed to resize your logo (engrave directions) with a specific end goal to fit it into the printable area of the product requested; paying little heed to what measure you present your engraving guidelines or logo.

Nonetheless, in the event that you determine the print to be in an indistinguishable size from the submitted fine art/logo, (giving you ask for this engraving size on the requested shape and in addition on the work of art itself) we will go along, giving it doesn't surpass the most extreme engraving size of the product requested.

Default Font and Imprint color

If by chance you do not share your preferred font style and color options with us, we would use our default selection which is Arial Font and black color.


We provide free email proof services for rush orders. You can have that before your order foes for final printing. Any delay in sharing information or other vital details may postpone the proofing service.


Communications are sent through email. If you don't mind making a point to enter your best contact messages while putting in your request. Your Proof might be a delay in the event that you don't enter a substantial contact email address or telephone number.

Verifying Location and Colors:

We would need you to understand that digital proofs that we share are just a sneak into how your product will look. The real product will definitely have some differences. While these will appear in Black; your request will be printed in the color combination you picked. Don't hesitate to send us your logo and we will coordinate the shading for you.

Verification Changes:

We prefer all communications through emails only. You’ll be responsible for the changes that you suggest for your prints. This is why we always recommend to our clients that they follow up in case of any changes and ensure we have received it.

FREE support:

Prior to the delivery of your order, we’ll be providing you free email verification of your product. We offer you FREE craftsmanship readiness and plan help on all the products we offer – you don't have to take every necessary step yourself – we are glad to encourage you! Regardless of whether you'd recently like your logo on an item, or you'd get a kick out of the chance to include content, extra designs or you require another fine art format - we'll take every necessary step, FREE!

Handling Recommendations

While restaurant grade mugs are dishwasher safe, we recommend you to only handwash other steel and plastic products. However, to ensure that the print remains for a long time and without getting tempered, we always recommend you to handwash all drink wares.


  • Do check your order as soon as you receive it. Any form of the dispute will only be settled if accounted for within 7 days from the date of delivery.
  • Claims must be submitted IN WRITING an email to cs@tigerpromo.com. Tap on the proper zone of concern, by email, furnishing us with all the important data. (Illustration: wrong thing, erroneous engraving, inadequate request, broken things and so forth)
  • Attach computerized image(s) to your email delineating the current issue. If it's not too much trouble send us GROUP IMAGES if the issue exists on in excess of one thing. This is vital, as we will require a visual of ALL influenced things keeping in mind the end goal to react precisely.
  • If unfit to give a photo, you may transport us an "in-hands" test of the item. (The address is under "Get in touch with us")
  • Upon receipt of the "visual", we instantly cure the circumstance and re-try the influenced segment of the request if ordered.
  • If the amount to be supplanted is LESS than 10% of the whole request, we maintain whatever authority is needed to process a credit for that sum instead of re-trying that part.
  • All redos will dispatch by means of UPS Ground. On the off chance that you require sped up delivery, you will be in charge of those charges.

Return and Refund Policy

  • Non-Returnable Items: Except in the case of manufacturing defects or customization that does not match your order approval, we are unable to accept returns on promotional items.
  • Disclosure of Fees: Some blank items are subject to a restocking fee. Returns on undamaged blank items may require an average of 10% to 20% restocking fee. This fee is based solely on the fee requirements of our suppliers. Because we do business with multiple suppliers, each with different fee policies, any required restocking fee will be communicated to the customer in advance of the order.
  • Responsibility for Shipping: We’ll pay the shipping to get any misprinted, damaged or defective items returned.
  • Window of Returns: Please check your order for defects immediately upon arrival. Claims must be submitted within 10 business days of receipt. Tiger Promo reserves the right to refuse returns.
  • Securing an RMA/Return Authorization: In the event that you receive misprinted or incorrect merchandise, please contact us for assistance in securing a return authorization.
  • Receiving your Refund: Upon reviewing and accepting your claim, the full or partial refund will be processed within 10 days of receipt of returned goods. The method of refund will depend on the method of initial payment. Credit card orders will be refunded on the same credit card used at the time of purchase.

Replacement Policy

In the event that a request isn't generally welcomed – either because of a grammatical mistake or different issues – our strategy to re-try the request and ship it through ground shipping technique will at present win.

At the point when a blunder has been affirmed, (after guidelines under "cases") we will make each endeavor to quickly re-try the request. We will process the re-try arrange precisely as you had initially asked for short any mistakes that we made. We won't change the item, the logo or craftsmanship or the engraving shading when handling the re-try except if pre-endorsed by us.

Limitation of Liability

In all conditions, TigerPromo’s most extreme obligation is constrained to the price tag of the items sold. Company or the team won't, under any condition, be held subject for any claim or activity that surpasses this risk constraint. The team or the company won't be subject for any outsider cases for harms against the client, nor for the glitch of the item, the reason for delays, the intrusion of administration, or loss of business.

Ordering Process

These terms will administer any requests set with TigerPromo and its subsidiaries; having said this, we recommend you to peruse these terms prior to submitting your request. By presenting a request to us, you (likewise alluded to beneath as the client) are thus consenting to every one of the terms and conditions as put forward underneath. This understanding is in lieu of a composed assent and will tie by both the client as well as their representative(s).

Endeavoring to bring our clients the most reduced conceivable costs, we ensure that the set prices are the least in the business. In the event that regardless, a client discovers one of our correct items offered at a lower cost by a contender, TigerPromo will match their cost and will avail a mutually agreed additional discount. We maintain whatever authority is needed to modify ensure in conditions in which our management group will independently evaluate all costs are in USD money.

Pre-Production Sample

A few occupations require an impeccable shading match to guarantee that the color(s) will be indistinguishable. In this occasion, we prescribe that you decide on a "pre-creation test". This "in hands" test will just go to the conclusive endless supply of your composed endorsement. The charge for a pre-creation test will, in any case, stay regardless of whether the request does not continue to conclusive generation. Call for valuing.

*Note that the consideration of a pre-generation test will add to the turnaround time.

Color Matching

Glass and ceramic colors are supplied in a wide assortment of hues. Correct PMS shading matches are not accessible. We attempt to coordinate your shading choices as nearly as conceivable utilizing PMS numbers as a source of perspective as it were. Because of the idea of clay and glass hues, a correct match can't be ensured. Hues may differ because of terminating conditions or the kind of substrate. For instance, there are numerous sorts of coatings utilized on earthenware items. The sort of coating utilized could possibly affect the last shade of the item.

We likewise convey a huge range of engraving hues for the movement mugs, plastic water containers, and pens. Once more, correct shading matches can't be guaranteed.

Note that the engraving shading may change because of the item shading. Printing white onto a red mug may make the engraving look whitish-pink, as red is the overwhelming shading.

Additionally, printing the shading dark onto a naval force or dim green mug may result in a difficult to-consider engrave, to be dull on dim does not emerge. Keeping in mind the end goal to advance the best permeability of your custom logo/content, we unequivocally prescribe that you print light hues onto a dim surface and dim hues onto a light surface.

Creation Time

You have a decision of turnaround timetables. Your decision ought to mirror your "in hands" date, and we will do our most extreme to remain inside the given time allotment. If you don't mind take note of that we are not in charge recently receipt of any request because of any unforeseeable conditions, for instance, a lengthier sealing time, an out-of-stock item, printing or terminating issues, climate-related issues or deferrals for the benefit of the transportation organization.

Normal Production Time

The assessed ordinary generation time is 6-10 business days in the wake of putting in your request. This time span is additionally needy upon the extent of the request and additionally the intricacy of the work of art or process utilized. On the off chance that you have a particular "in-hands" date if you don't mind make certain that there is sufficient time before submitting a request with a typical creation time allotment. Conveyance dates are just assessed and not ensured for orders with ordinary creation time span. In the event that you pay for speeding up a delivery strategy for an ordinary generation arrange, just the technique for transportation will be ensured, anyway, the creation time period is still just assessed. Along these lines, the request may even now not contact you in the time span required.

Rush Production Time

We offer surge creation for select things and print strategies, check the site for accessibility. On the off chance that you select and pay for a surge arrange by choosing a "get it by" date while putting in your request, we ensure we will deliver and transport your request with sufficient time to guarantee the request lands by your chose date. On the off chance that a request arrives late because of a postponement on our end we will discount your surge charges in full. Inability to give top notch, camera prepared fine art may make your request be deferred past the underlying ensured date. By choosing a surge date you forgo any sealing alternatives, on the off chance that you require a proof your ensured date might be postponed subordinate upon verification endorsement. Our assurance does not reach out to unanticipated postponements in delivery.

Estimated Delivery Dates

Normal Production Time

Note that conveyance dates are just "assessed" and not "ensured" for orders with ordinary creation courses of events.

On the off chance that you settle on "assisted" delivering technique for your "ordinary generation" arrange, just the strategy for delivery will be ensured, anyway the creation course of events is still just "assessed". In this manner, the request may at present not contact you in the course of events required.

Rush Production Time

Generation time is ensured on surge orders; anyway, the conveyance dates are just "assessed," except if you decide on sped up delivery.

When you submit a surge request yet then decide on "typical" or "ground" shipping technique, it would be ideal if you be exhorted that the conveyance date may be "assessed" and not ensured, as delivery organizations don't offer certifications for ground shipping.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you settle on "sped up" shipping, the conveyance date will be ensured, so the request will contact you in the course of events required.

Delivery Insurance

Albeit awesome safeguards are taken amid the bundling of each request, breakage does some of the time happen amid the delivery procedure. Keeping in mind the end goal to supplant any broken and additionally harmed items, we presently offer discretionary transportation insurance*. (Substitution requests will be prepared inside our ordinary course of events of 5-7 business days in addition to ground shipping time.) You may select to pay for surge shipping; anyway, this protection will just make typical progress shipping. On the off chance that you get a request that contains under 10% breakage as well as harm, we will quickly credit your record for that portion.* Please take note of that we will require sufficient evidence for any harm or breakage announced.


Under the terms of "F.O.B delivery point," title of the merchandise goes to the purchaser at the transportation point.

In the event that the request is being delivered by means of Fedex, at that point once the request is prepared to dispatch out, you will get a computerized email with a "following number" from Fedex.

If it's not too much trouble take note of that settling on Overnight or Second Day Air does not imply that you will get your request the following day. Conveyance time depends on the time it takes to deliver your thing PLUS the transportation time*.

*Production time + Shipping time = Delivery time

All shipments leaving our production line are investigated and marked for by the transporter. Most requests are dispatched by means of FedEx or Motor Freight, contingent upon the goal and weight/size of the shipment. Engine Freight offers curbside conveyance as it were. In the event that you require inside conveyance, if you don't mind call our Sales Team at CONTACT NUMBER to make game plans preceding putting in your request. To guarantee security against breakage, we repackage FedEx shipments into bigger containers, and all engine cargo shipments are palletized and therapist wrapped. We don't convey to APO/FPO addresses. All bundle requests will be delivered by means of FedEx.

Fedex won't convey to some APO/FPO addresses.

Once the request has left the distribution center, Tiger Promo won't acknowledge obligation regarding any postponements caused by the delivery organization. On the off chance that transportation is postponed on a "sped up" shipping request, ONLY THAT PORTION OF THE SHIPPING CHARGES WILL BE CREDITED BACK BY FEDEX.

TigerPromo won't be considered dependable either in the occasion the client isn't accessible for conveyance or the client denies delivery.*

TigerPromo is an online business and does not offer request pick-ups to any of our customers, TigerPromo products are to be conveyed as it were.

On the off chance that a generously expansive request requires inside conveyance or a private conveyance please indicate that data while submitting the request. This sort of conveyance may bring about extra charges.


While asking for "Surge Shipping, if you don't mind take note of that we maintain whatever authority is needed to surge generation (in light of additional time/end of the week hours) in lieu of utilizing sped up transportation techniques, giving that we meet the conveyance date.

Transportation Insurance

Albeit awesome safety measures are taken amid the bundling of each request, breakage does now and again happen amid the transportation procedure. Keeping in mind the end goal to supplant any broken or potentially harmed items, we presently offer discretionary transportation insurance*. (Substitution requests will be handled inside our typical course of events of 5-7 business days in addition to ground shipping time.) You may select to pay for surge shipping; anyway this protection will just make ordinary progress shipping. On the off chance that you get a request that contains under 10% breakage or potentially harm, we will expeditiously credit your record for that portion.* Please take note of that we will require sufficient evidence for any harm or breakage detailed.

On a 144-piece arrange (or more noteworthy amount) with over 10% breakage, we will quickly supplant the broken things.

On a 144-piece arrange (or more noteworthy amount) with under 10% breakage, the expense of the broken things will expeditiously be discounted.

Breakage on orders with under 144 pieces will quickly be discounted, paying little heed to the amount of breakage. We will be not able supplant these things.

Liquid Capacity

The size and fluid limit noted on every one of our products* (for instance: 16-oz mug) is just an "estimate" and can't be translated as the correct size or limit. These signs just fill in as speculations. (Note: We purchase every one of our items clear, in this manner, we have no impact over the exact "fill limit" of everything)

Product Quality / Website Images

Note that the items we convey are expected absolutely as limited time things; along these lines items that may have minor visual blemishes ought not to be considered as damaged or imperfect things. In the occasion an 'item' deformity is recognized, we will supplant the request completely endless supply of the imperfection by the maker of the item. Moreover, if an engraving imperfection is distinguished, we will supplant that segment of the request endless supply of the deformity.

Because of the idea of the generation procedure, slight varieties and blemishes in artistic and glass products are not thought about defects. Varieties in crude materials, coats, generation gear, and terminating temperatures may likewise result in varieties of size, shape, coat, shading, scars, and so on. These conditions are inside worthy industry models.

Every once in a while, a few items may contrast in shading, size, weight, or tallness, as these are hand-made items that originate from different manufacturing plants in China.

Because of fluctuating producer costs, costs may change without taking note.


Our site contains a large number of pages and they are being refreshed continually by our web group. We endeavor to be as exact as conceivable when distributing advise.


TigerPromo claims all authority to modify or reject coupon codes or exceptional offers whenever without any notice to the client.

The Company may offer exceptional estimating or potentially free transporting every once in a while, anyway these rebates won't be regarded on orders that have just been set. No special cases made.

Not legitimate on existing requests, or leeway/markdown things. Applies to cost per unit. Coupon code not legitimate on attire, tops, USBs, golf, stretch balls, liners, koozies, or tests, can't be joined with different offers.

Branding Stickers

The majority of the items transported out have stickers or labels with our organization logo, site, and data on them. In the event that you wish to have your request transported without these stickers or labels, it would be ideal if you illuminate a business rep at the season of putting in your request, or select the visually impaired sending alternative on the shopping basket of your request. TigerPromo isn't in charge of the putting of stickers on items sent out without earlier demand from client to evacuate them.

Dedication Program and Referrals

TigerPromo maintains whatever authority is needed to drop or change the devotion program and referral program rules without seeing whenever. We likewise maintain all authority to deny or decay focuses on clients at our prudence. Reward focuses may just be asserted once per remunerate, as they are one time utilize as it were. Clients are constrained in a number of focuses permitted to get in light of point structure inside their client account. The client may not surpass the utmost of focuses for interfaces, referrals, or different activities.