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How do I send my artwork?

An Exceptional Product Starts with the Art

Submitting your logo or other artwork is a crucial step in receiving an extraordinary transfer or embroidery product. At TigerPromo, we’ve thought of everything to make the process smooth and easy.

Uploading your images

The easiest way to get us your images is to upload them when you order. On the product page, click the Start Designing button to go to the design tool. There you’ll find a tab to upload your photo. After that, you can adjust and choose the color and placement of your custom design.

Don’t have a design readily available? Place your order, then, when you’re ready, click “upload artwork” and enter your order number.

File types

Raster Files

  • TigerPromo accepts these raster file formats: .BMP, .GIF, .JPEG, .JPG, .PNG, .PSD, .TIF, and .TIFF.
  • Raster images are familiar to most people. These files use many colored pixels to form a complete picture. Because of the use of these "building blocks," raster images tend to get grainy and distorted when enlarged. This is called resolution-dependence; to avoid it, often you will need to save your file near or at the final dimensions.
  • You will also need to ensure your image is saved at a high resolution, or dots-per-inch (dpi) to render the most detail. A resolution setting of 300 dpi is ideal for crisp, clear images.

Vector Files

  • TigerPromo accepts these vector file formats: .AI, .EPS, .PDF, and .SVG.
  • Vector images are created using points, lines, shapes, and curves. They are resolution-independent, meaning they will not show as much image degradation when increased in size. A PDF is generally a vector file but can be a raster depending on how it was created. An easy way to determine if your PDF is a vector or raster file, zoom in to 400 percent or higher. A vector image will retain sharp lines, whereas a raster file will begin to show some pixelation.

Image Hints

  • Be aware that changing the file extension will not change how the file is constructed (lines v. pixels)
  • For .PDF files, embed your fonts or export the image file to an .EPS format to avoid font substitution.
  • If working with .AI or .EPS files, convert your text to outlines to avoid font substitution. Typically, this task is under a type function in your program. Additionally, embed any linked images.

TigerPromo’s Design Team

The dedicated design professionals at TigerPromo are available to help you with any questions or concerns in converting your image to a professional product. Just give us a call at (800) 686-5242 or send us an email at cs@tigerpromo.com and tell us you what you envision.

  • Your artwork is in a different file type? Email your image file to the design team, and one of our experts will work with you to create the perfect image!
  • What if you have a multicolor logo you want to be printed in a single color? Our staff can simplify your design to the color of your choice. Conversely, we can work with you to convert black artwork to the best color match possible.
  • No artwork? No problem! Creative types can take advantage of TigerPromo’s Start Designing tool to choose ready-to-use clip art and font options to create the perfect product! Or have our professional designers create a new design or alter an existing one.